About Community Health PartnershipsThe investment, provision & management of healthcare estate

About Us

Delivering better value to the NHS and its partners

Community Health Partnerships (CHP) provides a high quality and valued services to commissioners and local partners across England with the aim of delivering savings, increasing service integration and driving optimal use of the primary and community health estate.

Wholly owned by the Department of Health, we have a strong track record of adding value to the NHS, offering a unique blend of investment, property management and strategic estate planning expertise.

Innovative solutions and investment opportunities

CHP is well placed to help deliver a new approach - working with commissioners and local partners, the Department of Health, the 49 Public Private Partnership LIFT Companies and the private sector - to provide innovative new solutions and investment opportunities and to access to significant levels of new public capital and private finance to the benefit of the NHS.

Investing in NHS Estate

CHP has established a dedicated investment function to manage its existing investment portfolio and look to new investment opportunities.

Today there are 49 LIFT Companies delivering facilities within areas of greatest need and bringing real health benefits to those communities.  Investment to date exceeds £2.5 billion and has delivered 339 facilities.

Supporting the integration of services

CHP provides dedicated Strategic Estates Planning expertise and resource to support the NHS and wider public sector to develop and implement Local Estate Strategies that will drive system improvements, support service transformation and release capital from buildings that are no longer fit for purpose.

Driving utilisation and savings across the NHS estate

Through our Property Portfolio of 307 integrated health and wellbeing centres, we provide a home to over 1400 tenants including GP practices, frontline Local Authority services, libraries, pharmacies, fitness centres and a wide range of community and social care providers.

In our role as Head Tenant, we provide professional property management services to effectively manage our estate through improved utilisation and contract management, driving out value from our property to contribute to wider system savings.

Our current priorities

Strategic Estate Planning: Working with key partners across England to lead and support a strategic approach to the planning, use and disposal of the primary healthcare and community estate and to ensure the delivery of savings.

Property Management: Strategically manage the CHP Estate to deliver a sustained and better quality of care to patients at a lower cost to the public purse.

Public Private Partnerships: Ensuring that public sector investment in the LIFT Programme is protected and providing a high quality and professional service that delivers excellent value for money to the NHS and creates new investment opportunities.

Commercial Solutions: Developing new and innovative commercial solutions to improve the primary and community healthcare estate.

Corporate efficiency: Operating as a professional and highly performing organisation that is focused on delivering a high quality service and added value the NHS.

Who we work with

Partnership working is at the heart of everything we do and we are working with partners across all sectors to improve services on the ground.

Against a back drop of growing demands and static or reducing budgets, our focus is on supporting commissioners, CCGs, NHS England, GPs and Local Authorities to plan and utilise their estates efficiently and ultimately drive much needed savings.

How we work with our key partners