Best PracticeSharing best practice examples to support the learning and development of others.

Best Practice

A key role of the Strategic Estates Adviser is to share best practice and experience from work undertaken elsewhere across England.

Work to date has shown us that:

  • It is essential to link commissioning and strategic estate planning, to shape the best, most efficient estate.
  • We have to maximise the use of the assets we already have and challenge occupiers to change.
  • Good plans on their own are a waste of time, it is the drive to implement that leads to results.

If you’d like to find out more about what is happening in other parts of the country please contact your CHP Strategic Estates Adviser.

Regional case studies

The following case studies provide further details on activity that is taking place across the country, recognising that areas are at different stages in the process.

  • Widnes: Bringing urgent care closer to patients' homes and unlocking system savings
  • Manchester: Making the best use of NHS buildings
  • Nottinghamshire: Linking health and local authority services through the One Public Estate Programme
  • West Sussex: Bringing partners together to drive a strategic approach to the better use and planning of the estate
  • Fryatt Hospital, Essex: Space utilisation, improving range of patient services, and reducing costs.

Regional SEP newsletter

Supporting Transformation in London is the first of a series of regional newsletter we plan to publish over the coming months.

Each edition will provide informative updates and share best practice with Strategic Estate Planning partners across the 90+ CCG areas that CHPs SEP service covers.