InvestmentTo date, CHPs investment portfolio has enabled 338 modern, facilities to be planned, financed and delivered


Delivering high quality healthcare facilities

CHP works with a large range of partners from the development, investment and financial sectors to attract investment that has enabled 339 modern, facilities to be planned, financed and delivered. 

Collaborative working

These have been built by a range of national and international construction companies with facilities management services provided by a mixture of local and multinational service providers. Similarly, CHP has partnered with both local and international financial institutions to access their debt capital offerings.

As part of the overall funding package for developing the buildings, CHP invests equity and loan capital alongside infrastructure developers and investment funds. 

Stable financial return

This generates a market rate of return and contributes a stable financial return alongside the health benefits that accrue from delivering clinical and related services from purpose built facilities.

CHP is working with commissioners, local partners, the Department of Health, the 49 LIFT companies and the private sector to build investment in the NHS by accessing public capital and private finance.

Ben Masterson, Acting Deputy Director, Procurement, Investment & Commercial Division, Department of Health