24 May 2010,

2010 LIFT Awards - Short-list for 'LIFT Area of the Year' Announced

Community Health Partnerships are please to announce the short-list of the 2010 LIFT Awards - LIFT Area of the Year. The judges reported the category was highly contested with a high calibre of entrants.

The three short-listed LIFT areas are:

Roger Westwell - BRAHM LIFT Project Director said: "BRAHM LIFT partners are pleased that within 3 years of formation we already have an impressive track record of five operational schemes together with the substantial and innovative "Bolton One" health, leisure and research centre, which is currently under construction. This LIFT partnership adopts a "can-do" approach to help reach solutions that will meet the future needs of both Bolton and Rochdale health and local authority partners. Through learning and sharing good practice with local LIFT and NHS colleagues we are exploring ways in which BRAHM LIFT will continue to help in achieving successful outcomes.

In recognition of BRAHM achievements it is extremely rewarding to have been shortlisted for the 2010 LIFT Area of the Year award"

Jo Barnes, Chief Executive, Citycare said: "The Hull LIFT partnership is delighted at being shortlisted as the LIFT Area of the Year. We have developed an incredibly productive alliance in Hull by sharing an ambitious vision and core values. Both public and private sectors are very proud of the massive impact that Hull LIFT is having both in terms of improved access to better services and also in supporting regeneration plans in areas of need. LIFT is making a real difference to people's lives in Hull, and it's fantastic that our team effort is recognised in the LIFT Awards."

Ann Pursey, Chief Executive of Prima 200 said: "Prima 200 is delighted to reach the shortlist for this important award. The last two years have been very exciting for the company and our partners; we have delivered significant new and refurbished buildings that are helping to transform health and social care service delivery in North Staffordshire. New GP practices in Middleport, Hanley and Meir are delivering additional primary care capacity in under-doctored areas. Prima 200 has worked hard with the PCT to ensure that the buildings were in place to support this key public sector investment. At Mill Rise, the residents of our new Extra Care Village are enjoying the benefits of a high quality building and easily accessible services. The partnership between the public and private sectors and communities in North Staffordshire is working very well and is making a real and visible difference to local people."