01 July 2016, London

Barnet Carers Centre visit Finchley Memorial Hospital

Barnet Carers Centre volunteers visited Finchley Memorial Hospital to spread awareness of the vital work they do in supporting unpaid careers.

The Barnet Carers Centre team outside Finchley Memorial Hospital

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of welcoming the volunteers from Barnet Carers Centre to Finchley Memorial Hospital where they were able to meet the local community and spread awareness of the vital work they do in supporting unpaid careers. 

According to the 2011 Census, there are 32,320 adults and 4,000 under 18s who are caring for ill, frail or disabled family members and friends in Barnet alone.  Since establishing the Barnet Carers Centre 20 years ago as an independent charity in North Finchley, they have been able to support, and unite, over 11,500 unpaid careers in the local area. 


But there are still many more people out there who need their support, who sadly might not even realise that they don’t have to do it alone.  And there is also so much more that Barnet Carers Centre could do with even more support from the local community.  Which is why they embarked on a bus tour of the local area during #carersweek and why we were more than happy to provide the opportunity for them to engage with the local community at Finchley Memorial Hospital.

Make sure that you follow Barnet Carers Centre on Twitter (https://twitter.com/BarnetCarers) and visit their website (http://www.barnetcarers.org/supportus) if you are able to donate to this important cause.