16 July 2010,

Bradford LIFT - Community Infrastructure Plan a First for LIFT

Cyril Sweett has been commissioned by the Stategic Partnering Board (SPB) to develop a Community Infrastructure Plan (CIP): only the third such plan in the Country. The purpose of the CIP was to bring together the service vision of all the public sector organisations within Bradford and Airedale.

Cyril Sweett engaged with; NHS Bradford and Airedale, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Airedale NHS Trust, Bradford District Care Trust, Bradford Metropolitan District Council, University of Bradford, Bradford College, Bradford BSF, West Yorkshire Police Department, Yorkshire Ambulance Trust and West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service to develop a strong understanding of their service intentions and property opportunities.

The CIP identifies how the estate infrastructure can act as a catalyst to achieving the collective strategic objectives whether this is through modifications to the existing estate or development of new facilities. The CIP was taken as a mandate by the SPB to act as a driving force in the integration of public sector development plans.

An approach was developed that neither Cyril Sweett nor Bradford & Airedale Care Partnerships Ltd had used before to achieve an outcome that Bradford & Airedale Care Partnerships Ltd desired but had struggled to obtain previously. Cyril Sweett succeeded in engaging with all eleven organisations who all maintained a strong level of engagement throughout the process and also helped focus their thinking on prioritising schemes.

Click here to download the Community Infrastructure Plan (CIP) (PDF 4.31mb) and Appendices (PDF 886kb)

For further information please contact Bradford & Airedale Care Partnerships Ltd