18 May 2018, National

CHP adds health expertise to Town and Country Planning Association guide

CHP has been using its extensive health expertise to support the development of national work on town and country planning focusing on healthy communities.

We are continuing to sponsor work by the Town and Country Planning Association aimed at bringing together spatial planners and health practitioners to collaborate and help to create places where people can live healthier lives.

Research indicates that if health and wellbeing are properly considered and addressed

through design early in the planning and development process, as part of a wider placemaking approach, there is an opportunity to harness increased development value of between 5% and 50% as well as improving people’s quality of life.

CHP’s input has supported the creation of a 36-page planning guide – Garden City Environments for the 21st century: Creating health-promoting environments – and we have also taken part in a series of workshops promoting health in developments for STP footprints.

Our contribution to the work was headed up by Ian Greggor, Local Area Director, and Mike Simpson, Strategic Estate Advisor in the SEP team.

“We know that the environment plays a key role in people living healthy lives,“ said Ian Greggor.  “Over many years CHP has built up a huge range of experience which supports the development of healthier buildings, towns and cities on behalf of the public and health professionals.”

Mike Simpson added: “We felt that it was important to be involved in this work which gives clear and useful guidance for planning the developments of the future and includes advice on what local plans should consider in terms of health infrastructure and service needs.“

The TCPA is pleased to be working with CHP. “Creating healthy environments and maintaining population health and wellbeing through the planning and development requires integration of healthcare infrastructure and services,” said Michael Chang, Project and Policy Manager for the TCPA. “Both agendas have not quite been linked up in the past as practitioners have expressed, so we look forward to working with CHP this year.”

The guide can be found at https://www.tcpa.org.uk/tcpa-practical-guides-guide-8-health