15 June 2020, London

CHP announces plans for NHS staff accommodation at Finchley Memorial Hospital

Proposals for new homes for NHS staff on land at Finchley Memorial Hospital, North London has been unveiled.

The proposals are for up to 130 homes on the site, that was previously occupied by hospital buildings before it moved in 2012. At least 50% of those homes would be classed as affordable housing in planning policy terms, designated for NHS staff on lower salary bands. The remaining 50% will be available to staff working or training in the NHS from which there is expected to be strong demand. If that demand does not materialise, other public sector key workers, such as individuals working in the police force or fire service, will be provided the opportunity to secure a new home on site.

A programme of community engagement has been launched to provide residents with the opportunity to view the proposals and provide feedback to the project.

The community engagement programme consists of an engagement website which hosts all the materials about the project, this can be found here: https://finchley.homesforNHSstaff.co.uk, two online presentations for residents to attend, telephone consultations for residents who do not have computer or internet access and the opportunity for residents to receive a detailed written pack of information.

Residents have five weeks to provide their feedback, with the engagement period closing on Sunday 19 July at midnight. 

The emerging proposals at Finchley Memorial Hospital include:

-        Between 120 – 130 new homes, of varying sizes, catering for varying lengths of stays

-        Four buildings, ranging from three to seven storeys, including private and communal space for residents to use  

-        Most of the site being retained for open use which will be publicly accessible, with linkages through to Finchley Memorial Hospital as there are currently, with more trees and new habitats to increase biodiversity.

Organisations within the NHS, including CHP, have been asked by Government to review their surplus land and bring forward proposals for new homes for NHS staff, where possible.

This comes in light of the growing cost of living crisis for NHS staff, particularly those who work in facilities in London. Recent data collected by the Royal College of Nursing found 57% of nurses in London were either planning or considering leaving London in the next five years due to the cost of living, a 17% increase compared to the response three years earlier.

The proposed accommodation project will help meet the need for good quality, affordable housing for NHS staff working within the local area.


If you have any questions in regards to the new proposals, or would like further details, please contact Oliver Deed at finchley@homesfornhsstaff.co.uk