27 April 2020, National

CHP continues to provide support to all its customers as they manage the response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Repurposing Space to Support Clinical Need

To support local NHS systems we are providing health and social care partners with vacant space options within our 309 strategic assets and have set up a rapid response team to manage request for space.

Acting on instructions from CCGs, Trusts or GPs we have mobilised our supply chain to support the best possible options from our estate.  From facilitating new patient pathways to converting space for temporary in-patient facilities, we are working together quickly to deliver practical solutions which the necessary support services.

We opened the first coronavirus hot hub in the country on 27 March 2020 in London by reconfiguring space and providing specific pathways for staff and Covid-19 patients.  Since then we have worked with local health systems, LIFTCos and other partners to set up another 30 hubs, often completing work within a few days of receiving the initial request.

We are reviewing a number of options to create additional bed capacity and provide other facilities for treating patients suffering from Covid-19 or for other clinical services.

We need good information from CCGs and Trusts to be able to recommend the best possible options from our estate and work jointly to develop delivery plans to make the necessary variations happen.

Please contact us on covidspacerequests@communityhealthpartnerships.co.uk in the first instance or speak to your local Area Property and Asset Manager (APAM).


We are continuing to provide specialist cleaning services to our buildings and have sourced a number of additional cleaning contractors which are able to respond quickly as requests come in.  There is considerable demand for cleaning, and we are working as hard as possible to maintain high standards which are, of course, in line with Public Health England guidelines.

All requests for cleaning should be directed to our SoftFM helpdesk on 0116 464 0748

Adequate supplies of PPE are a concern for everyone and rather than burden the system with additional delivery points we are asking that cleaners are given access to local supplies as a key part of the wider team.

Waste disposal

Public Health England guidance advises that all waste generated from suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 should be treated as clinical waste.  We manage and dispose of waste in accordance with all relevant guidance and legislation.