13 February 2020, North

CHP team shortlisted for national award

The CHP team who worked on the introduction of direct payments and Dynamic Capacity Management to improve the utilisation of CHP estate by the NHS has been shortlisted for a prestigious national award.

The team of finance and property staff have been shortlisted for the Finance Team of the Year Award – Health in the Public Finance Awards 2020.

Helen Richardson, Credit Control Team Leader, Nicola Bolton, Area Property and Asset Manager, Richard Maddocks, Regional Property Finance Manager and Kevin Breen, Head of Property Finance, worked to support the change management programmes.

They supported successful partnership work with the NHS system, including Doncaster CCG, DHSC and NHSE to deliver benefits to the whole health economy in the area.  The success has continued with more areas adopting the approach across England.

“The determination to deliver change has been a lengthy process that involved coordination of many health bodies including more than 10 GP practices,” said Gillian Hunt, CHP Chief Finance Officer. “The success is evident through the continued positive results of the initiative in maintaining very low levels of GP debt in Doncaster and in the expansion of direct payments which is now being implemented in many more CCG areas.”

Direct payments in an estates context is where money allocated by the NHS nationally for the premises costs of health premises for GPs (normally paid via reimbursement to the GP practice) is paid directly to the landlord. This results in  reduced administration for the GP practice and transaction costs for the health system with money remaining within the Government Banking System at all times. Savings can then be used to improve the estate for the benefit of the NHS as a whole and its patients.

CHP is responsible for the successful LIFT (Local Improvement Finance Trust) programme, which has attracted £2.5 billion of capital investment since LIFT was established in 2001.  There are 342 community-based LIFT healthcare facilities across England, including 44 which are integrated service centres with local authorities; 24 of which have community libraries. Almost half of our tenants are GPs who can benefit from this initiative.