13 June 2010,

Coventry LIFT - Community Art Work Unveiled at City-centre Health Facility

A series of art installations have been created through input by local stakeholders and city residents of how they see their future healthcare services was unveiled on Friday 28 May, at the construction site of Coventry Care Partnership's city-centre health facility for NHS Coventry in Hillfields.

Co-ordinated by Coventry Care Partnership the artwork was produced by students from City College Coventry, Sidney Stringer School and Coventry University and will cover the 200 metre stretch of hoardings at Stoney Stanton Road, Byron Street and Howard Street junction.

The installation is the result of three separate projects, brought together by Frances Tobin, Arts Co-ordinator with Coventry Care Partnership, and supported by visual artist Rachel Griffiths working with City College Coventry, Coventry Artspace working with year 10 at Sidney Stringer school and Coventry University school of Art and Design.

Frances said: "Taking inspiration from Coventry's history, community and wellbeing, this combined project has worked well in engaging students of all ages and giving them the opportunity to develop their artistic skills, exhibit their work in the public domain and inspire the people of Coventry to take part and enjoy the results."

The installation will remain on the hoardings until early 2012, when the new health facility is due to open.

For further details please contact Coventry Care Partnerships LIFTCo