18 July 2011,

Doncaster Community Solutions LIFTCo - Health Centre's 'Living' Roof is a Green Winner

It's Conisbrough's newest and highest garden, but you'll need a bird's eye view to see it...

Growing 20' above the pavement, this 'living' roof has just been laid on a front section of The Stone Castle Centre, the multi-million-pound health centre currently being built for NHS Doncaster at Garden's Lane.

Designed to boost the green credentials of the two-storey building, the mass of sedum plants act as sponges, soaking up rainwater instead of allowing it to flow into the mains drainage system.
Specialist contractors laid the12 metres by 10 metres bed of sedum, which is separated from the flat aluminium roof by layers of sand and rubber.

Leading construction and infrastructure business Morgan Sindall is constructing the Centre. Site manager, Doug Eastwood, pictured, says it's the first health centre in the Doncaster area to have a part sedum roof - and that's just one of the many sustainable features built into the design.

"Some of the rainwater landing on the building's aluminium roof will be 'harvested' and channelled into a 2,000 litre tank, which will supply water to flush the building's six public toilets. In periods of low rainfall an external mains supply will automatically kick in if the tank gets low, added Doug.

"Other rainwater run-off will be trapped in a huge tank and released into the mains drainage at a steady rate to prevent the drains becoming blocked during stormy weather.

"The building's boiler has a dual role, providing both heat and some electrical power. And all the flagstones around the building have been laid on a foundation made from 100 tonnes of finely crushed recycled glass. It benefits the environment by not having to excavate sand from a quarry."

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