07 October 2007,

Doncaster LIFT starts work on four new super surgeries

Doncaster LIFT starts work on four new 'super surgeries'

Over £22 million investment in four new centres in the Doncaster area

WORK is about to start on Doncaster's latest round of 'super surgeries'.

And with a price tag of over £22 million, the four developments are believed to be the borough's single biggest investment in new family doctors' surgeries and community facilities.

Doncaster Primary Care Trust (PCT) and Doncaster Council have commissioned the buildings for Askern, Edlington, Hatfield, and Moorends, where they will replace outdated existing premises and house a mix of NHS and Doncaster Council services.

  • At Askern , a new two-storey centre will be built off Spa Road, adjacent to the current Askern Health Centre. It will house Dr Kumar's Askern Medical Practice and Dr Brophy and Partners' Lakeside Practice. Other services will include minor surgery, community nursing and health visiting.

  • At Edlington , the new two-storey health and social care centre is to be erected on wasteland close to the open-air market. Dr Neyer and Partners, currently based at the bungalow on Bunglalow Road, and Dr Zaidi, whose practice is currently at the health centre on Broomhouse Lane, will relocate into the new centre, which will also feature Doncaster Council services, including a new public library and a community cafe. Other services will include a dental surgery and minor surgery facilities,

  • At Hatfield , the new two-storey centre will be built on land alongside Hatfield Visual Arts College - the former high school - and house Dr Simmonite and Partners' practice, which is currently based in the health centre opposite the school. Other services include foot health, midwifery, sexual health, community nursing and health visiting.

  • At Moorends , the new single-storey medical centre will be built off Marshlands Road (to the rear of the new children's centre), providing a new base for Dr Seth and Dr Pramanik's practice, currently housed on Marshlands Road. Joining them will be community health staff currently housed at the clinic on Wembley Road. Other services will include midwifery, foot health and sexual health.

The four buildings, which will also each house a pharmacy, are the latest developments by a public-private sector partnership company called Doncaster Community Solutions, which is jointly owned by Doncaster Primary Care Trust, Doncaster Council, Partnerships for Health and Community Solutions for Primary Care.

Three further centres owned by the partnership have already opened in Denaby, Intake and Thorne at a combined cost of over £14 million.

Jayne Brown, Chief Executive of Doncaster PCT, said: "We are committed to delivering a wider range of health services in our communities and the best way to do that is to create purpose-designed buildings that enable us to do just that."

The Moorends centre is expected to open in June 2008, followed closely by Hatfield in September, Edlington in October and Askern in December.

Roger Greenwood, Chairman of Doncaster PCT, said: "When these new buildings open they will not only help to improve local health and local authority services but will be landmark developments, playing a key part in the regeneration of four important Doncaster communities."

Mayor Martin Winter said: "We are eagerly looking forward to giving more Doncaster residents the opportunity to benefit from these exciting new developments located in the very heart of their communities.

"By working alongside our health colleagues, we will be able to offer a wide range of Council and health services tailored to the needs of residents and all located under one roof.

"Take the Edlington centre, for example - I can envisage this becoming a real hive of activity as people attend health appointments, enjoy the trappings of a modern library with its hundreds of books, DVDs and internet access or catch up with friends in the community café. There is no doubt that this centre will benefit everyone in one way or another."

Alan Wright, Chair of Doncaster Community Solutions, said: "With all of our partners, we are very proud of reaching another important milestone. By the end of next year we'll have a total of seven top-quality centres serving the people of Doncaster and providing the very best facilities and services in health and community care. Increasingly, Doncaster is being seen as a national model for getting these developments right and we are very proud to be playing our part in that."