13 April 2010,

East Hants LIFT - Fareham Community Hospital Completed

NHS Hampshire in partnership with Solent Community Solutions Ltd (SCS) is delighted to announce that Fareham Community Hospital has been completed, and will be ready to deliver services to the local community at the beginning of June 2010.

Staff and visitors who have been shown around the premises have expressed positive opinions of both the external appearance and internal ambience, particularly its light and airy atmosphere assisted by the presence of courtyards, use of sun pipes and generous window provision.

The new state-of-the-art hospital has been designed to complement the surrounding landscape and be easily accessible to the local population. The layout is based on a curved entrance loggia, which feeds directly into departmental circulation routes, which eases orientation for both occupants and visitors to the building.

Following the users familiarisation process before the Easter Holidays, the trust will move furniture and equipment into the hospital during April and May together with training of staff before the hospital goes live to the public.

Fran Buxey, Project Manager for NHS Hampshire said: "This new purpose built facility will bring together services that are currently in several locations round the area and will enable more people to receive their health care locally. We are delighted with the design and appearance of the building."

George Anderson, General Manager for Solent Community Solutions said: "We at SCS are delighted to have been instrumental in bringing this new health facility to a reality for the Fareham community. The building has been constructed to very high standards of compliance with energy efficiency and flexibility of use as key features of the design. However our overarching desire always is to provide facilities in which staff can operate effectively and efficiently and visitors can feel comfortable and at ease and we feel sure that this building will not disappoint. We also look forward to working in continued partnership with NHS Hampshire and the end users during the operational phase so as to ensure the highest standards are maintained."

For further information please contact Solent Community Solutions Ltd