04 March 2010,

East London LIFT - £5.8m South East Primary Care Resource Centre Reaches Financial Close

NHS City and Hackney's plans for bigger, brighter and better healthcare are one step closer, thanks to recent developments with a Primary Care Resource Centre in south east Hackney.

East London LIFTCo has just signed the lease to build and maintain the South East Primary Care Resource Centre on the old Hackney hospital site, Kenworthy Road, London E9 5TD. The Centre will occupy four floors and will cost just under £6 million to build. East London LIFTCo, a joint venture between the public and private sector to facilitate improvement in public service infrastructure, will build the new centre and maintain it for 25 years on land provided by NHS City and Hackney.

The news follows the recent planning permission to develop a South West Primary Care Resource Centre on the site of the St Leonard's Hospital.

Steve Gilvin, Director of Primary Care Commissioning at NHS City and Hackney said: "This development takes Hackney residents one step closer to having access to high quality care closer to home.

"Our Care Closer to Home strategy advocates a new model for primary care delivery and was developed following research and extensive dialogue with the local public. It's about bringing care back into the community, improving access to a key range of health services all in one-place, at extended opening times."

The strategy proposes a model of four Primary Care Resource Centres to serve the residents of Hackney and the City. Each will serve approximately 60,000 -70,000 local residents, and act as a one-stop place where local people can access a range of services including an Urgent Care Centre (open 8am - 8pm, 7 days a week), diagnostic tests including ultrasound and audiology, community health services such as physiotherapy, foot health and family planning, and physiotherapy services.

The South East Primary Care Resource Centre will contain community dentistry, space for two GP practices, an additional physio gym and bookable consulting space for other community-based services. Construction is due to start March 2010 and the Centre is due to open in spring 2011.

For further details please contact - East London LIFTCo