15 December 2010,

eLIFT Cumbria LIFTCo - First Express LIFT Scheme Reaches Financial Close

Sedbergh Medical Practice has today (15th December 2010) formally signed contracts with eLIFT Cumbria Limited for the construction of a new £2.6m health centre development on the site of the old Auction Mart on Station Road. Work on the site is expected to begin early in January.

The exciting new health centre will bring a range of improvements to both patients and staff ensuring that the Practice can continue to deliver the highest quality services and allow for a range of new services to be offered to patients.

Facilities include a suite of consulting rooms, treatment rooms and a dispensary. In addition, it includes dedicated space for provision of medical services to Sedbergh School, as well as training and research facilities designed to ensure that the Practice, and others in the area, can remain at the forefront of healthcare delivery.

The scheme is the first to be delivered by eLIFT Cumbria and the first anywhere in the country to result from the Express LIFT initiative.

Dr William Lumb from the Sedbergh Medical Practice, said: "I am delighted that we are now able to move ahead with this exciting development which will help us provide a better service for our patients."

Gary Naylor, General Manager of eLIFT Cumbria Limited said: "We are particularly pleased to reach Financial Close on the Sedbergh Health Centre; not only is it an important development for the people of Sedbergh and the Sedbergh Medical Practice, but it is a fitting way for us to mark the anniversary of eLIFT Cumbria's formation."

Notes to Editors:

1. eLIFT Cumbria Limited is a public-private partnership that was formed in November 2009 by NHS Cumbria, Express LIFT Investments Limited ("ELIL"), Community Health Partnerships and Cumbria County Council following the appointment of ELIL as NHS Cumbria's LIFT private sector partner.

2. For more information on eLIFT Cumbria Limited, please visit www.eliftcumbria.co.uk

3. Express LIFT Investments Limited is a limited company which was created specifically to take part in the Express LIFT National Framework initiative. ELIL is a joint venture that brings together parties who have a first-class record of delivery in the NHS LIFT market place and other Public Private Partnership initiatives. ELIL has been created by the following three organisations: Anagennao Limited, Cyril Sweett Investments Limited and Sutton Harbour Holdings plc.

4. For more information on ELIL, please visit www.elil.co.uk