27 August 2015, London

Finchley Memorial Hospital receives outstanding performance rating

Community Health Partnerships (CHP) Finchley Memorial Hospital has delivered an outstanding performance in the 2015 Patient-Led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE) annual report.

Finchley Memorial Hospital; delivering high quality health care services in North London

Finchley returned higher than national average marks in four of the five key assessment categories – Cleanliness; Privacy, Dignity and Wellbeing; Condition, Appearance and Maintenance; Dementia.

In terms of Cleanliness, it achieved a full 100% rating while its Dementia care assessment of 83.48% was almost 9% (8.97%) above the national figure.

Patient perspective

Since opening in 2012, Finchley has been well received by patients. 

On a recent visit to the Hospital, local resident, Suzette Woodward commented: "Fantastic visit so far at Finchley Memorial Hospital - bright new building, seen on time, clear instructions from reception."

Integrating health and wellbeing services

Along with advanced health and social care services including a walk-in centre and cardiology and musculoskeletal services, dedicated retail space and a community pharmacy, Finchley features a valuable expanse of parkland that includes a health and fitness campus, therapy garden, wildlife garden and football pitches and amenity open space which allows access to the neighbouring primary school.

Measuring standard of healthcare

PLACE is commissioned by the NHS and Department of Health and applies to all hospitals, hospices and day treatment centres providing NHS funded care.

Volunteer Patient Assessors provide detailed reports on wards, external and communal areas, emergency and in-patient departments.