05 February 2009,

Four Landmark Centres completed in Doncaster

Four Landmark Centres completed in Doncaster - 05th Feb 2009

2008 has been a busy year for Doncaster Community Solutions (DCS) with four exciting landmark centres being added to its growing portfolio: Orchard Centre, Moorends; Martinwells Centre, Edlington; White Wings Centre, Askern and the Heathfield Centre, Hatfield.

Designed in close consultation with NHS Doncaster, General Practices and Doncaster Council, and named through a public competition; these centres are playing a key part in the regeneration of four diverse Doncaster communities.

Martin Rooney, General Manager of DCS, said: "Completing all four new schemes in time and in perfect condition - all during the summer and autumn of 2008 is a major achievement for our team and our partners. We are proud to be working with our partners in delivering health and social care premises that should help to transform service delivery for the benefit of Doncaster's residents."

The new vibrant and community-focused buildings will enhance the health and well-being of all those visiting to use the wide range of services on offer:

  • GP practices

  • District nursing

  • School nursing

  • Health visitor teams

  • Retail Pharmacy

  • Community café

  • Library

  • Dentist

  • Minor surgery facilities


Note to Editors:

Doncaster Community Solutions (LIFTCo) Limited is a Public Private Partnership between Community Solutions for Primary Care, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council and Doncaster Primary Care Trust.

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