11 January 2010,

From the Ground Up: A Guide to Integrated Care Design and Delivery

Community Health Partnerships and the Integrated Care Network jointly commissioned 'From the Ground Up' from The Institute of Public Care (IPC) at Oxford Brookes University.

From the Ground Up draws on in-depth case studies and analyses the elements which lead to the successful development of integrated care services, and presents a model of design and delivery for managers to consider in relation to their own services and planning new facilities. The guide and accompanying report aim to support those looking to develop integrated services including service commissioners, and those involved in planning, service delivery, finance and infrastructure.

Highlighting the practical issues that can pose the real challenges for joint commissioning and service delivery, the Guide and accompanying report discuss the range of services which can be developed; and the difficulties associated with this from trying to align budgetary cycles, through to understanding which pathways can be usefully integrated and which should remain separate.

Identifying eight elements of integration, the guide and report are based upon four in-depth case studies which illustrate how managers and service commissioners overcame to develop a range of different integrated services, with reference to the challenges of:

  • Identifying a common need and outcomes

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Building on partners strengths

  • Service User pathways

  • Integrated management and governance

  • Information sharing

  • Infrastructure, buildings and facilities

  • Workforce and workplace management

As well as the guide, the From the Ground Up package also includes a policy timeline for integration, annotated bibliography giving weblinks to useful papers and websites around integrated care for commissioners, and framework for service design and a checklist of activities to help local managers plan services in the future.

'From the Ground Up' package and further information