25 August 2010,

Hull LIFTCo - New Bransholme Health Centre is given the green light

Pioneering health and community developer Citycare is delighted to have received planning permission to develop a new purpose-built health and community centre in Bransholme.

The £14m development in Goodhart Road, north Hull, will provide a base for modern primary care and community-based services, and will be the eleventh scheme to be developed as part of Hull's NHS Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) programme.

The current health centre in Bransholme is too small and therefore limits the range of services that can be provided in the area. Now, with construction work expected to start on the development in January 2011, members of the local community can look forward to dramatically modernised primary care services in the north of the city.

The site for the new facility, near Northpoint Shopping Centre, is within a shopping area with the highest footfall outside of the city centre. It is a major focus for retail and community activity.

Citycare - a public private partnership between Hull's primary care trust NHS Hull and local construction company Sewell Group, along with The UME Group and Community Health Partnerships - expects the new health centre to be operational in 2012 and it is likely to house the following:

  • 11 GP Practices (relocating GPs from the current health centre)

  • Public health services including stop smoking sessions, active lifestyle and weight management programmes

  • Audiology services for both adults and children

  • Community nursing teams

  • Sexual health/family planning clinics

  • Occupational health services

  • A tea bar run by volunteers

  • A carers group and Citizen's Advice Bureau

Secondary care services, including anticoagulation, cardiac services, community midwives, dermatology, dietetics, gynaecology, orbital prosthesis, paediatric clinics, podiatry, retinal screening, urea breath testing, speech and language therapy

  • Mental health services including counselling and improving access to psychological therapies

  • Substance Misuse Workers

  • Space for community group meetings and other multi-use spaces

Jo Barnes, chief executive of Citycare, said: "We are delighted that plans for this state-of-the-art development have been approved. Citycare and NHS Hull have invested a substantial amount of time to engage with owners of North Point Shopping Centre, the local community, the current tenants and users of the existing Health Centre and the statutory agencies during the planning phase of this scheme.

"The scheme we have developed maximises efficiency for the public sector and incorporates sustainability measures throughout all aspects of its construction and operation. I also believe that we have managed to achieve these critical objectives whilst designing a beautiful building that will become an important hub for North Hull.

"Citycare's track record of delivering the first phase of the city's NHS LIFT programme speaks for itself. We have recently completed our ninth development - The Orchard Centre, a £14m facility providing health, council and community services under one roof - and work on the new Wilberforce Health Centre, on Story Street, Hull city centre, started in December 2009."

Andrew Phair, north locality director for NHS Hull added: "This is a really exciting step forward for both the residents of North Hull and those who provide healthcare to people in this area. Planning approval means we can now get on with the business of creating much more modern and suitable facilities in which to see and treat patients, something which is much needed and is a very welcome development."

For further information please contact Citycare LIFTCo