26 October 2009,

Liverpool & Sefton LIFT - £22m Third Tranche Close

Liverpool and Sefton Health Partnership financially closed a further three schemes in Garston, Speke and Oriel Drive during August 2009.

Garston NHS Treatment Centre:

The largest of the three schemes will be built at the site of the Sir Alfred Jones Hospital in Garston. The 5,800m² development, designed by MBLA Architects will stand on a sandstone outcrop and will be a prominent landmark in Garston. Unlike the existing building, people will be able to access the new facility from street level rather than by steep ramps and stairs as they do currently. The services to be delivered from the new building will include:

  • General Medical Practice

  • Primary Care Walk in Centre

  • Radiology (also supporting Walk in Centre Out of Hours

  • Provision of Paediatric Outpatient services

  • Intra venous therapies e.g. Blood transfusions

  • Phlebotomy and ECG services

  • A range of outpatient consultations with providers of services to be advised

  • A range of outpatient treatments with providers of services to be advised

  • Foot services including annual diabetic foot checks

  • A range of integrated sexual health services including Chlamyida screening

  • Community and Private dental services

  • Musculoskeletal assessment and treatment services

  • Adult audiology services

  • Glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy screening services

  • Gastroscopy and Sigmoidoscopy diagnostic services

  • Administration support for the Hospital

  • City Council Social Services

  • Provided to look after the facility

  • Pharmacy

  • Community café

Construction of the Garston NHS Treatment Centre will began in late September and is expected to be completed in early April 2011.

Speke Neighborhood Health Centre:

Construction of the Speke Neighborhood Health Centre will also begin in late September 2009. The new 2,800m² scheme will take the health provision of Speke into the 21st Century. The light and airy design of the new building will incorporate some of the latest environmental technologies, providing a percentage of its own power by way of a wind turbine and solar panels. Water recycling will also add to saving the environment.

The scheme will incorporate the following facilities:

  • Three GP Practices relocating from the existing facility

  • Dental Services

  • Phlebotomy

  • Podiatry

  • Education and Training Suites

  • Sexual Health Services

  • Midwifery Children Services

  • Vaccination and Immunisation

  • A range of outpatient consulting services

  • A range of outpatient treatment services including minor surgery

  • Pharmacy

  • The operational date of the new building is expected to be late December 2010.

Oriel Drive Health Centre:

This 422m² development comprises of a replacement of the existing Health Centre, there is already a long -established health centre on the site. The re-development and continuation of the medical centre use will retain and enhance local facilities in the area. Local community facilities and stakeholders will benefit from the improved accessibility to the new health centre. This improved accessibility to healthcare facilities in terms of size, type and location is a local community aspiration.

The scheme will incorporate the following services:

  • GP Practice

  • Education and Training Suites

  • Midwifery Children Services

  • Vaccination and Immunisation

  • Mental Health Counselling

  • Minor Surgery

  • Warfarin Monitoring

  • Diabetic Clinic

  • Weight Monitoring

  • Cervical Cytology

  • Hypertension Monitoring

Work on this building commenced in October 2009 and is expected to be completed in early June 2010.

Graham Pink, Chief Executive Officer of Liverpool and Sefton Health Partnership, stated: "We are delighted to achieve Financial Close on our third tranche of schemes. It marks another milestone in the life of Liverpool and Sefton Health Partnership. More importantly is a further step forward in the improvement and enhancement of healthcare facilities across Liverpool. These significant developments in Garston, Speke and Oriel Drive will deliver first class healthcare facilities into the heart of people's communities."

John Garrett, Liverpool PCT Director of a New Health Service for Liverpool and NHS LIFT stated: "The completion of the financial close 3 demonstrates the achievement of an exciting milestone in Liverpool PCT's implementation of 'A New Health Service for Liverpool - Improving Care Outside of Hospital'. The construction projects involved will encompass the three key elements of the PCTs strategy - Improvements in facilities at a general practice level, the creation of new neighborhood facilities and finally the provision of the first NHS Treatment Centre for the City. The completion of these projects will enable the PCT to take significant steps towards delivering a wider range of enhanced services to the populations served by these new facilities."

For further details please contact Liverpool and Sefton Health Partnerships on Tel: 0151 295 3926