15 September 2010,

LSL LIFTCo - Baldry Gardens Primary Care Centre Opens to the Public

The Baldry Gardens scheme is part of a £30m construction and refurbishment programme in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham. The programme is progressing under a national NHS initiative known as LIFT (local improvement finance trust) in which public and private sector partners work together to invest in the provision of new and improved health and social care facilities.

Lambeth Community Health has a presence at Baldry Gardens, with the following services based there:

  • Baby clinics. Nursing. My Action team. Foot health. Midwifery. Therapy services.

Building facts

  • £3.86 million cost. 56-week building programme, started in June 2009. Building handed over in June 2010. Opened in August 2010. Drakewood Road Practice moved to the centre and has been renamed Baldry Gardens Family Practice.