26 October 2015, National

Making the NHS estate a lever for change

The Five Year Forward View demands service models that meet today’s needs and financial realities.

CHP Chief Executive, Dr Sue O'Connell

In response, NHS devolution and the NHS ‘Vanguard’ New Care Models Programme are highlighting the benefit of joined-up public sector approaches to health and well-being.

Smart use of public sector estate

Success depends on smart use of public sector estate.

Scope for deploying such estate more effectively is considerable.  However, knowledge often remains inadequate concerning how this estate could be used and who should decide

Devolution - highlighting challenges and opportunities

Devolution - decentralising decision- making to a single devolved authority over most public sector services that infl    e health – highlights the challenges and
the opportunities locally and nationally.

Likewise, Vanguard sites are asking important questions about how better use of public sector estate can strengthen primary and ‘out of hospital’ care.

CHP remains at the heart of modernising primary care estate

Community Health Partnerships (CHP) has, for the last decade, been at the heart of modernising primary care estate, making it a lever for service change.

During that time we and our partners have learnt a lot and now we want to build on that learning by bringing together the latest thinking and innovation in the way that buildings are used and how people access care - for example - through developments in IT and new technologies that can help optimise the NHS estate and make it fi for the 21st Century and beyond.

Public sector property as a catalyst for change

These challenges must be tackled quickly so that public sector property becomes a catalyst for change, not a barrier. Yet solutions are rarely clear either nationally or locally. We don’t have all the answers.

But many people working in health and social care have valuable insights into them. That’s why CHP is listening and working with stakeholders at every level to consider the best way forward. We will share their insights – and ours – with all those rethinking health and social care’s infrastructure. We have no time to waste, the NHS cannot afford to plan and spend unwisely.

We don’t know all the answers. But many people working in health and social care have valuable insights and we are listening to you.

Sue O'Connell, CHP Chief Executive