30 July 2007,

Newington Health Care Centre awarded Hull Civic Society Good Mark

Newington Healthcare Centre Awarded a Hull Civic Society Good Mark

Newington Healthcare Centre, built on the site of the former Plane Street Methodist Church, Analby Road, one of the four new healthcare centres designed and constructed by Hull Citycare to serve different communities, has just been awarded a Hull Civic Society Good Mark Award. In the knowledge that the Church had played an important part in the life of many local residents before it closed in 1997, the new building was recognised by the award judges as 'a community asset for the nature of its external appearance alone ' .

Its design deliberately included a tower reminiscent of the former Church tower and the judges remarked: 'The three storey glass cylinder glows with light and the sky is visible from everywhere within.'

The building's location on the corner of Plane Street and Anlaby Road makes it highly visible within the residential street setting, as was the Church.

There is also a sculptural reminder in the form of a length of a metre high curved wall in front of the building which has five ceramic blocks 'WESLEYAN SUNDAY SCHOOL 1894' integrated into its construction.

The interior includes many architectural artefacts and fragments of stained glass from the Church which have been integrated into the fabric of the new building. These have also served as an inspiration for contemporary artworks specifically created for the building by professional and community artists. These additional features to the high quality interior of the building are also recognised in the awards.

The Civic Award judges stated that the centre was 'more 5 star than inner city clinic'.   They continued: 'Hull Citycare can feel proud of the commodity, firmness and delight of their building, creating a positive and uplifting sense of public amenity. We observed patients responding accordingly. Everyone seems to like it and I was told, patients often come in and say, "I got married here!"

They concluded: "This is a building that invites close inspection and as an acknowledged success is fully deserving of a Civic Society Good Mark Award."