08 February 2008,

Oldham LIFT Local Labour Agenda Continues to Deliver Results

Oldham LIFT Local Labour Agenda Continues to Deliver Results

The partnership between J21 - Oldham & Rochdale Local Labour in Construction Initiative, Community 1st Oldham Ltd (the Oldham LIFTco) and support services and construction company Carillion continues to deliver results for local people in Oldham.

The partnership aims to create local employment and businesses opportunities on a number of new health centres and community facilities to be built across Oldham over the next 20 years, commencing with the flagship Oldham town centre Integrated Care Centre (ICC).

Through the J21 scheme 28 year old Agnieszka Lysak has been appointed to the role of Document Controller with Carillion, Community 1st Oldham's contractor partner working on the ICC development.

Agnieszka, originally from Czestochowa in Poland, came to the UK in 2003 as an exchange student at the University of Salford to study for her Masters Degree in Engineering and Environmental Protection. On completion of her degree Agnieszka decided to settle in the UK and started her second masters, an MSc in Planning and Sustainable Environments.

Agnieszka, however, had high ambitions of becoming a Construction Project Manager but struggled to break into the industry and was working full time as an Assistant Manager at McDonalds to fund her studies.

The J21 programme has supported Agnieszka to gain the relevant construction site certifications and an opportunity to work with a highly reputable national contractor, working on the flagship ICC, developed by Community 1st Oldham Ltd.

In order to help Agnieszka realise her ambition and succeed in her post, J21 have placed her on a part-time HNC in Construction at University Centre Oldham which she started in October 2007.

Agnieszka Lysak comments "I wanted to follow in my fathers footsteps and train as an Engineer. My father is a big influence and his dream became my dream. The construction industry for me is exciting, you never stop learning, discovering and experimenting. I enjoy being part of the creation process and seeing a project develop from inception to completion. You can be proud of yourself."

"The J21 team and wonderful people like Robert Lynch and Bob Barber made my dream come true. They were the people who never gave up on me and were determined to help me. J21 helped me get my job with Carillion as well as funding my course.

Now, working for Carillion I am doing the job I love and everyday is a pleasure. It is an interesting learning curve. I love what I do because I can develop my knowledge and learn from professionals who are supporting me along the way."

Rod Hulme, Director of Community 1st Oldham Ltd comments "In all our LIFT developments we endeavour to ensure that community regeneration and employment generation opportunities are maximised. LIFT is not just about new buildings but about supporting wider regeneration in the borough. This is a key target for us when working in partnership with Oldham Primary Care Trust on the flagship ICC development".