26 January 2010,

Oldham LIFT - Rainwater Harvesting System Reduces Costs

Stormsaver, the UK's leading designer and manufacturer of rainwater harvesting systems, has been involved in creating one of the most environmentally friendly community centres in Oldham.

The Health and Well-being Centre in Chadderton, the first of its kind in Oldham, interlinks key council services, commercial facilities and cultural activities. The centre was built as part of a major regeneration project led by Oldham Council and developed as part of the Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) initiative in the city by Community 1st Oldham Limited.

With this ethos in mind, the Health and Well-being Centre has been built with energy efficient resources and key sustainable features, such as rainwater harvesting. This will minimise the building's impact on the environment, as well as being cost efficient.

Commissioned by electrical engineers Taylor ME, Stormsaver will supply a 20,000 litre below-ground tank to the centre. The 2,700m2 roof area will capture up to 2,605m3 of rainwater, which will be used in the flushing of WCs and urinals.

It is estimated this installation will save the centre up to £2,098 per annum.