17 June 2008,

Picton Goes Superlambananas!!

Picton Goes Superlambananas!! - 18th June 2008

Staff and patients at Picton Neighbourhood Health & Children's Centre were greeted by a new face at the centre this morning.

As part of the Go Superlambananas event, taking place all around Liverpool, a brightly coloured blue Superlambanana was found outside the facility in Picton this morning.

The event, part of the Liverpool European Capital of Culture 2008 celebrations, sees 125 Superlambananas being positioned around the city, as a tribute to the iconic statue by Taro Chiezo. The original statue, painted bright yellow, was commissioned in May 1998, and has become a popular landmark with locals and tourists alike. To honour the statue, Liverpool Culture Company commissioned 125 replicas, in all sizes, to be decorated and placed in locations all over the City.

The first Superlambananas were spotted early this morning around the City, and Liverpool & Sefton Health Partnership is thrilled that Picton Neighbourhood Health & Children's Centre was chosen as a location for one of the vibrant statues.

The statue, called "SuperLarryLambanana" was created by artist Mike Badger with pupils from the Lawrence Community Primary School and sponsored by the Riverside Group.

We look forward to spotting more Superlambananas during the event, which lasts until 25 August 2008, when the Superlambananas will be sold at a charity auction. 

Find out more about the "Go Superlambananas" event here.

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