19 May 2015, North

Renova celebrates win at Partnerships Awards 2015

Renova Developments Ltd has been named Best Operational Project at the Partnerships Awards 2015.

The Lowe House Primary Care Resource Centre, Warrington; part of Renova's portfolio of developments

The awards, which are run by Partnerships Bulletin and are in their 17th Year, recognise and reward the best in public private partnerships (PPP).

Renova – the NHS LIFT Company for Halton, St Helens, Knowsley and Warrington - is owned by (public sector shareholder) Community Health Partnerships and private sector shareholder Fulcrum Infrastructure Group. 

Improving local healthcare

Since 2004, Renova has worked in partnership to plan, design and build 17 new high quality health buildings, providing communities - within areas of the UK that have historically suffered from poor health outcomes - with access to a wide range of health and community services.

Unique example of partnership working

Renova was chosen by the Award judges as a unique example of excellent partnership working, over a period of 10 years, delivering a major programme of high quality healthcare facilities, alongside continuous improvement and cost-savings for the NHS.

Adapting to meet new challenges

Adrian Wallace, Chief Executive Officer at Fulcrum Infrastructure Group said: “The LIFT Programme was created to be a flexible PPP, but ten plus years ago, few foresaw how much the NHS landscape would change.

"It’s only through a decade of true partnership working that the company has been able to adapt to meet its challenges.”

Exceeding expectations

Mike Chambers, CHP Area Director, added: “Renova’s work has provided a fantastic opportunity to bring together a range of  partners from across sectors, who have driven real improvements in primary healthcare and community  facilities, whilst delivering better value for money.

"We are delighted  that the efforts have been recognised and that Renova continues to be held up as a partnership performing beyond expectations.”

Outstanding delivery

Ian Davies, Head of Operations and Corporate Performance at Liverpool CCG said: "Renova’s very serious about continuous improvement: each project gets better.

Renova always manages to deliver in budget, without compromising design quality and functionality.”

Renova has won various awards in recent years, including best LIFTCo in 2007, 2008 and 2009 and the Innovation Award (2010) for the Bluebell Centre.

To see a full list of winners, please visit the Partnerships Awards website.