04 March 2013,

Seaham Primary Care Centre, shortlisted in RICS Renaissance Awards

Community Ventures is proud to announce that their latest LIFT scheme, Seaham Primary Care Centre has been shortlisted in two categories in this year's RICS Renaissance Awards, in the Community Benefit and Regeneration categories.

The categories looked at:

Community Benefit

This award recognises outstanding achievement in providing a facility which directly benefits the local community.

The judges will consider:

  • What was the level of community involvement?
  • What community initiatives or special projects are linked to the scheme?
  • Does the project enhance the local landscape/streetscape?
  • Was best practice used in design and construction?
  • How is responsible use encouraged?
  • Has public access been improved or increased?
  • Who uses the scheme and what is their reaction?
  • How do you rate its long-term prospects?


This award showcases exceptional improvements to urban, rural or coastal areas. Judges will look for a scheme that has conserved or improved the built or natural environment in a way that has contributed to the viability of the area.

The judges will consider:

  • The background/history of the site – why the need for regeneration?
  • Is the scheme part of a wider regeneration policy in the area?
  • What particular problems have been overcome?
  • Did it involve handling contaminated land?
  • Who uses or occupies the area?
  • How have they received the scheme?
  • Was the local community involved in the development and what was their reaction?
  • Has the scheme acted as a catalyst for other improvements in the area?
  • What are the area’s long-term prospects?

The Award Ceremony will be held on Friday 19th April 2013 at Newcastle Civic Centre. The Ceremony this year is hosted by Restoration Man, George Clark.

Congratulations to all involved in the success of the scheme.