14 September 2014, Midlands

St Oswald's Community Hospital receives top marks in new national patient-led assessments

St Oswald’s Community Hospital in Derbyshire is celebrating its recent success in the Patient-Led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE).

In addition to receiving a 100% score for cleanliness, this multi-functional hospital - developed by Southern Derbyshire LIFT Co - also received 98.71% for building maintenance, 94.99% for food and 94.15% for privacy and dignity.

Position patient feedback

The findings are part of new national patient-led assessments, which invited feedback on hospitals’ standards of cleanliness, food, privacy and dignity, as well as how well the buildings are maintained. 

The percentage scores for each category were awarded by the NHS Information Centre based on the information returned by Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust.

Endorsed by the Department of Health, these national assesments cover four broad categories:

  • Cleanliness - including patient equipment; baths, toilets and showers; furniture; floors and other fixtures and fittings.
  • Buildings and facilities - including decor, tidiness, signage, lighting (including access to natural light), linen, access to car parking, waste management and the external appearance of buildings and the tidiness and maintenance of the grounds.
  • Food and hydration - including a range of questions relating to the catering service (e.g. choice, 24-hour availability, meal times, access to menus) as well as an assessment of the food service at ward level and the taste and temperature of food.
  • Privacy and dignity - including infrastructural/organisational aspects such as provision of outdoor/recreation areas, changing and waiting facilities, access to television, radio, internet and WiFi access, telephones and practical aspects such as appropriate separation of sleeping and bathroom/toilet facilities for single sex use.

Speaking about the success, Pat Arnold, site manager, said: “We all want to do our best for patients and it is very rewarding to work with such a dedicated team who make the hospital as comfortable as possible for people when they need our care. Our aim now is to work on perfect 100% marks across all areas.”

Tremendous results

Tracy Allen, Chief Executive of Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust, said: “We invited patient representatives to score us when they inspected our hospitals for the PLACE scores. These findings reflect what they found and are all the more valuable to us for being independently assessed.

“There are some tremendous results which show how hard our staff work to make patients feel comfortable when they stay in one of our hospitals.

"We will be looking to improve further on these good results for next year, based on the valuable feedback provided by our assessors.”