26 January 2010,

SW Hants LIFT - Adelaide Health Centre short-listed for a Community Partnerships Award

The Cornerstone Arts Foundation is delighted to announce that its first commission has been shortlisted for a prize at the Community Partnerships Awards 2010. The graphics artwork project at the Adelaide Health Centre has been shortlisted under the 'Community Youth Initiative' category. This follows a series of workshops which were held in summer 2009.

In December, the foundation sent a team of 3 people to London to present the project to a panel of judges. These were Danni Evans from The Cornerstone Arts Foundation, Rachael Samain, Project Manager for the Adelaide Health Centre and Kiran Chahal, the artist responsible for the graphics installation. The group made a presentation which explained how they had been commissioning artwork for the Centre, the format of the workshops and the resulting artwork.

The results of the competition will be revealed on the 4th of February at a ceremony held at Grosvenor House Hotel in London. The Cornerstone Arts Foundation will be hosting a table at the event.

"We are so pleased to have been shortlisted for our first project," stated Peter Dean, Director of the Cornerstone Arts Foundation. "It is a real honour to be recognised for what we achieved with these workshops. We were working with a limited budget, but we were able to engage with over 60 Millbrook residents and their input has become an integral part of the finished artwork."

For further information please contact Danni Evans - danni.evans@swhantslift.co.uk or Tel: 0238 052 9039