04 May 2017, National

The new Tenant Access Portal (tap)

The new online tenant access portal called tap is an exciting, innovative development being rolled out across all of our properties.

The new Tenant Access Portal

Once tenants are registered, the online portal will enable them to:

  • Make room bookings directly
  • Manage contact details
  • Log Case queries – billing, occupancy, site & system
  • View reports – booking & billing


The benefits of the new development will:

  • Save tenants time
  • Provide a flexible approach to meet their needs
  • Give them greater access
  • Deliver enhanced transparency
  • Keep them in control


Our team of tenant Liaision Manager's (TLMs) across the country will be the main contact for this service with our tenants. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your local TLM, who will be happy to assist you.