05 September 2010,

The Regionalisation of Community Health Partnerships

Community Health Partnerships will, from the 1st October, establish three regional offices to provide a local presence. The regional offices will be based in Manchester, Nottingham and London. There will continue to be a "central" office but reduced in size, which will also operate from London.

The establishment of a regional presence stems from a year long consultation and review of the Company's form and function. The aim of this change is to ensure that local support can be provided to both the public sector and LIFTCos and to enable LIFT to be more flexible to the local environment. The change also delivers significant cost efficiencies for the Company.

Each region will have an interim non-executive Chair, who will be responsible to the Company Board for ensuring in the first year the successful establishment of the regions. At an Executive level each region will have up to three regional directors whose role will be to fulfil the previous CHP LIFTCo Director's responsibilities at the LIFTCo level and also to create a senior link with the public sector. The regions will be supported by a business manger, a LIFT Development manager and administrative support. Further details of the appointees and their portfolios will be available on the website shortly.

The central office will be responsible for setting the overall strategy for the company, liaising at national level and co-ordinating all the information gathered by the region and reporting to the Company Board.

Over the coming few weeks' details about the location, employees, contact details will be posted to the website, should there be any further information needed please contact Jason Marsh - Jason.Marsh@dh.gsi.gov.uk

To download the new Regional Organisation Structure please click here - 24kb PDF

To download the new Company Split by Regions and Areas please click here - 444kb PDF