31 May 2015, Midlands

Urgent Care Centre at New QEII Hospital treats its first patient

The New QEII Hospital has treated its first patient.

The New Queen Elizabeth Hospital provides a wide range of health services including urgent care

 Sean Howley from Shenley near Radlett went to hospital in Welwyn Garden City when he injured his foot.

Sean, 26, had a football-related injury which was X-rayed and treated in the Urgent Care Centre in the brand new £30m building.

“My sister who works in healthcare told me to go to the New QEII because it had opened that day,” said Sean. “The staff were lovely and it’s a nice new building.”

Exciting start to service delivery

Tracy Byrne, one of the nurse practitioners who works in the Urgent Care Centre, said: “It’s an exciting start for the New QEII.  The building has a great open feeling with natural light, which is fantastic and will really help patient care.

“We’d all like to thank patients for bearing with us during the changeover to this wonderful new facility.”

Dr Asha Herbert on her first shift at the hospital said:  “It’s a lovely open, airy, fresh department which I’m sure staff and patients will benefit from.”

No appointment necessary

No appointment is necessary at the Urgent Care Centre and there is a drop-off point right outside the front door for those who aren’t able to walk very far.  

The Urgent Care Centre can treat:

  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Burns and scalds
  • Muscle and joint injuries - such as strains, sprains, sudden back or neck pain and other soft tissue injuries
  • Bites, stings, cuts, bruises and grazes
  • Foreign bodies stuck in ears or noses
  • Minor head or eye injuries

Additional services set to move in

The fracture clinic and ‘ambulatory care’ services have moved into the new building, and endoscopy investigations are now taking plae in the new building.  

A specially-designed children’s and young people’s zone is also now open, bringing together child health experts to treat children in a friendly, welcoming environment. 

Over the next few weeks, the full range of services will transfer into the new hospital, which is right next door to the old hospital, on Howlands. 

Ante-natal appointments, the breast clinic, MRI and CT scans will all take place in the new building, using the latest specialist equipment. Therapy services, such as physiotherapy and other rehabilitation treatments will benefit from the purpose-built gym. 

Facts and figures about the new building

  • The shape and design of the building makes the best use of natural light and shade
  • Green roof reduces solar gain and encourages biodiversity.  It also copes well with heavy rainfall
  • Concrete ceilings keep the building cooler
  • Window design combines ventilation with security
  • Special window glass controls overheating from sunshine
  • The building makes use of renewable energy through photovoltaic panels, solar thermal water heating and air source heat pumps
  • Highly insulated external walls reduce energy required for heating
  • Sustainable urban drainage systems
  • Low water use systems
  • There are over 300 clinical rooms in the hospital
  • 345 car parking spaces.

To find out more, please visit the New QEII Hospital website.