29 July 2010,

Welcome West Sussex LIFTCo

Community Health Partnerships are proud to announce that on 27 July 2010, with its partners NHS West Sussex and Community Solutions, they established West Sussex Community Solutions to provide partnering services to the 3rd largest PCT in England.

This is the 49th company to be established under the very successful LIFT initiative that has seen over £2bn invested in developing community infrastructure over the last 5 years.

Alastair Gourlay, Managing Director of Community Solutions, says: 'We are absolutely delighted to have won the right to partner with this important Primary Care Trust. It marks the sixth LIFT Company established by Community Solutions thereby firmly establishing our organisation as the major player in the market'.

Alastair went on to say 'Community Solutions welcomes The White Paper: Liberating the NHS which provides an ideal opportunity for LIFT to establish itself as the provider of choice for all community infrastructure. LIFT is able to work across health and social care boundaries providing holistic solutions to combat health inequalities. We have in NHS West Sussex a progressive partner who has recognised the challenging reforms and has already engaged Local Councils in being part of the LIFT family.'

In addition to NHS West Sussex, Arun District Council will be the first Local Council to sign the Strategic Partnering Agreement signalling the way forward to take advantage of West Sussex Community Solutions services in delivering their 'Our Kind of Place' priorities.

Mike Harris, Chair of NHS West Sussex added: 'Community Solutions are an experienced company providing a wide range of estate services to both the NHS and Local Authorities. We have some very challenging times ahead of us and we intend to use their expertise in developing cost effective, affordable solutions to ensure our patients are seen in modern up to date buildings reflecting the high standards of care they are accustomed to.'

For further details please contact West Sussex Community Solutions