06 February 2014, Midlands

Wolverton Health Centre opens it doors

Local residents in Milton Keynes are now benefiting from improved community health services as Wolverton Health Centre opens its doors.

Wolverton Health Centre

Integrating Services

Co-located with a GP practice, local residents have access to speech and language therapy, health visitors, district nursing and podiatry services.

Improved Facilities

Developed through the public private partnership lead by Assemble Community Partnership Limited, this new facility was rebuilt as part of a larger development including a leisure centre and local school and brings together a range of much needed community health services all on one site.

A representative from NHS England stated that they are pleased to see the local community being provided with significantly improved facilities and that they wish the building’s new tenants “all the best in providing these services, both now and in the future."

Tony Fowles, Chief Executive of Assemble, said: "Given the importance of the scheme to the local community, it is recognised that the building needed to be of good quality for the high standard of clinical use."