Tenancy RegularisationCHP is working hard to regularise all sub‐tenancies across the CHP estate.

Tenancy Regularisation

As a tenant in one of our buildings, you will be aware that we have been working to regularise all sub‐tenancies through formal under-lease agreements, with the aim of ensuring that all of our sub-tenants are on a properly regulated lease.

Members of our Property Team are currently visiting all tenants to discuss and agree formal lease arrangements and we thank all tenants who are working with us on this process. 

The benefits of securing an under-lease:

  • Provides security of tenure for a fixed term.
  • Provides certainty of fixed costs for occupied areas, with hard FM and Life-cycle costs included in the fixed costs.
  • Provides a fair apportionment of variable costs, including for common areas and shared areas.
  • Unregulated sub tenancies create an insurance risk to the occupier as insurers will seek re-imbursement from the cause of the loss in the absence of a lease.
  • Enables tenants to sub-let in accordance with lease terms.
  • Enables improvement in service levels and value for money.
  • Enables building variations and other applications requiring head tenant consent and support - including the provision of funding where appropriate.
  • Complies with the requirements of the service contract.

To find out more about how to get the right lease in place for you, please contact your CHP Area Property & Asset Manager in the first instance.