The CHP WayWe’re committed to delivering an excellent service

The CHP Way 

At Community Health Partnerships, we’re committed to delivering an excellent service, both to our customers and to our colleagues.

We believe in working together to support our staff to be a group of high performing teams.   We’re committed to nurturing a culture where everyone can achieve their best year after year.

The CHP Way defines the way we behave to provide a great working environment and excellent service to our customers:

Doing what we say we’ll do

  • 'can do', positive attitude that delivers results
  • being the best we can be and excelling

Investing in relationships

  • adding value to all that we do
  • actively supporting our partners, customers and colleagues

Communicating openly and honestly

  • listening and acting with empathy
  • delivering timely, clear and tailored communications

Developing innovative ideas and solutions

  • actively seeking knowledge and staying up-to-date on sector developments
  • providing the environment and investment for growth and self-development

Always delivering an excellent service

  • proactively seeking, and acting on, feedback
  • recognising achievements and sharing best practice.

Looking after ourselves and others

  • being friendly and compassionate
  • promoting well-being


The CHP Way is to consistently work together to exceed our customers' expectations.

John Bacon, Chair, Community Health Partnerships