Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources

The Department of Health Guidance

NHS England and the Department of Health expect that CCGs will develop their draft Local Estate Strategies to support their commissioning strategies by the end of December 2015. It is anticipated that as a minimum, the initial Local Estates Strategy will:

  • Articulate the commissioners’ vision for the estate, based on the Five Year Forward View and their existing commissioning plans.
  • Assimilate core information about the current estate, pulling together existing data and identifying what, if any, further data is required.
  • Identify a high level strategy for next steps, acknowledging the drivers for change, both within the service and within the estate itself.

NB: A full implementation plan may not be developed in all cases.

A copy of the Department of Health’s framework for commissioners is available to download from the following website:

Mapping Dashboard

To support Local Estate Forums (LEF) deliver high quality Strategic Estate Plans, CHP has commissioned a new estates-specific, online Dashboard of tools and services from SHAPE, part of Public Health England.

The CHP Dashboard has been developed to go beyond what is already available from the core SHAPE service, providing a package of resources for use by all NHS and Local Authority organisations involved in a LEF.

It allows users to develop a comprehensive database of local property assets and helps identify options for improving the quality, utilisation and cost efficiency of facilities. It also provides the evidence to support investment decisions and evaluate opportunities for health and social care integration.

Access and use of the Dashboard

The Dashboard is designed to be simple to use and is flexible in its range of display options.

Each LEF that is supported by CHP has been allocated a unique username and access password.

These details are held by the CHP Strategic Estates Adviser and are provided to all members of the LEF on request. To find out more, contact your Adviser.

Flexibility and functionality

The flexibility of the Dashboard means it can be personalised by LEF to include extra data, such as Local Authority sites and information from initiatives such as the One Public Estate programme. Other examples include mapping residential housing trajectory; Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment function; GP Practice staffing and age profile.

The core SHAPE functionality available within the Dashboard includes:

  • Mapping of benchmarked indicators comparing a CCG with all other CCGs in England.
  • Quality Outcome Framework prevalence indicators for GP practices across 22 care groups.
  • Geographical mapping of elective and non-elective admissions at CCG or NHS Trust level, by HRG Code, OPCS code or ICD10 classification.
  • Highlighting outlier values for specific organisations across a range of indicators.

The Dashboard also enables users to:

  • Map of population changes over the planning period.
  • Display of all sites with significant void spaces.
  • Profile of tenancy review and end dates.
  • Map of sites judged to be of poor quality and requiring action.
  • Maps reflecting the conclusions of strategy work e.g. sites to be retained and developed, sites to be improved, sites with potential for alternative use or disposal.